Summer Fun in the Sun: Garden Activities for the Whole Family

Summer Fun in the Sun: Garden Activities for the Whole Family

Summer is here, and with it comes the glorious afternoons perfect for laughter and sunshine. But sometimes, those same afternoons can also bring a touch of the 'What-do-we-do-now?' blues. And while the kids are on summer vacation, our work doesn't stop or sync with that and we need to get creative. Playing with water, filling a small inflatable pool, or even a large bin are obvious options. But what else can we do to have fun?

Fear not, fellow parents! This is a list of creative and engaging activities you can do with your kids in your backyard or at the park, regardless of their age.

🟡 Backyard Olympics: Get competitive (in a friendly way, of course!) with some backyard games. Organize a sack race, a water balloon toss, or an egg-and-spoon race. Award homemade medals for extra motivation (think construction paper and glitter!).

🟡 Nature Detectives: Equip yourselves with magnifying glasses, bug catchers (with holes for safe release!), and a notepad. Turn your park or garden into a nature exploration zone. Send the kids to look for different types of bugs, identify plants, and observe birds. They can even create a nature journal to document their findings.

🟡 Obstacle Course Extravaganza: Use things you have around the house or garden – pillows, blankets, hula hoops, jump ropes – to create a challenging and fun obstacle course. Time your little athlete or let them time each other as they navigate through the course and celebrate their success.

🟡 Sidewalk Masterpieces: Turn your driveway or sidewalk into a giant canvas. Break out the sidewalk chalk and let your kids unleash their creativity. They can draw hopscotch squares, create a board game, or simply express themselves through art.

🟡 Picnic Games: Pack a picnic lunch and head outside. While the food settles, play some classic games like tag, hide-and-seek, or even cards (for us it will always be Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game) This is a simple yet satisfying way to spend a summer afternoon

🟡 Fortress Building Bonanza: Gather blankets, sheets, chairs, and pillows and embark on a mission to build the best fortress. Once complete, you can have a movie night under the stars, tell spooky stories, or simply enjoy a cozy hideaway.

🟡 Stargazing Spectacular: Then, once complete, as the sun sets, spread out a blanket and gaze at the stars. You can also have a movie night under the stars, tell spooky stories, or simply enjoy a cozy hideaway. Use a stargazing app or book to identify constellations and learn about the wonders of the night sky.

🟡 Water Balloon Warfare: Fill up water balloons and let the kids have a friendly water balloon battle. This is a guaranteed way to cool down on a hot day and create some hilarious memories.

A Family Talent Show is also always a good idea, to turn your backyard into a stage and have a family talent show. But remember the most important ingredient for a successful summer afternoon activity, no matter what you choose to do, is your presence (Keep in mind that presence doesn't necessarily mean full participation on your behalf). Try and embrace the silliness, laugh together, and create lasting memories. These are just a few ideas to get you started. The possibilities are endless!